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Dunlop Tires

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Get The Perfectly Fit Dunlop Rubber Tires For Your SMT Wheels Motorcycle Wheel. We have the best options to get you on the road!

Suggested front tire fitment:

16X3.5" (130/90-16)
17X3.5" (130/70-17)
18X3.5" (130/70-18)
18X5.5" (180/55-18)
19X2.15" (100/90-19)
19X3.0" (120/70-19)
21X2.15" (90/90-21)
21X3.25" (120/70-21 OR 130/60-21)

Suggested rear tire fitment:

16X3.5" (140/90-16 OR 150/80-16)
16X5.5" (180/65-16)
17X3.5" (140/70-17)
17X6.25" (200/55-17)
18X3.5" (150/80-18)
18X4.25" (150/70-18)
18X5.5" (180/55-18)
18X8.5" (240/40-18)