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SMT Victory motorcycle wheels are available in every size from 16 inch to 34 inch and include fat tire Bulldogs. With over 6,500 powder coatings to choose from, SMT Victory motorcycle wheels are the perfect color match to coordinate with your ride. SMT Victory motorcycle wheels are manufactured in America, right here in Glendale, Arizona, by craftspeople employing a process that achieves the highest quality in looks and performance. Whatever you are looking for in a motorcycle wheel, an SMT rim provides the perfect fit for your personality and your Victory bike.

We guarantee complete satisfaction of your custom cut-to-order (we don’t sell stock wheels!) highest-grade billet aluminum alloy Victory wheels. This is why SMT motorcycle wheels are backed by a lifetime structural warranty. SMT motorcycle wheels not only look fantastic on your Victory bike, but they also improve performance as well as add value to your investment.

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2 of 2 Items

SMT Wheels Fit All These Victory Models & Trim Levels

Victory Models


V92SC Sport Cruiser

V92TC Touring Cruiser
Vegas 8-Ball
High Ball

Victory Models

Kingpin Deluxe
Kingpin Tour
Kingpin 8-Ball

Victory Models

Hammer 8-Ball
Vegas Jackpot
Ness Signature Series

Victory Models

Vision Street
Vision Tour
Vision 8-Ball
Cross Country
Cross Roads