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Pro Wheels (lip cut rims)

Pro Motorcycle Wheels (lip cut rims)

Our Pro Series lineup has a variety of show-stopping designs including our famous lip-cut wheels. These designs extend the spoke and also the black contrasting cut to the edge of the hoop giving the wheel a unique look that also makes the wheel look bigger in diameter.

Pro Series motorcycle wheels are custom cut to order so they perfectly fit your Harley, Indian, or Metric ride. Available in black, chrome, contrast double-cut, 6,500 powder coatings, Harley trike deep dishes, 3D rims, and every size from 16-34 inches, including the 5.5" fat tire front wheel. Add matching parts such as rotors, air cleaners, and pulleys.

Purchase today and get a lifetime structural guarantee, 5-star customer care, and the best pro wheels in your motorcycle group. American-manufactured from aircraft-grade billet aluminum alloy, not cheap mass-produced cast.

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