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12-Inch Wheels For Honda Grom Monkey Kawasaki z125 On Sale

Mini Moto Small Bore Motorcycle Wheels For Honda Grom, Honda Monkey, & Kawasaki Z125


Honda And Kawasaki 125 Mini Moto Wheels

SMT Wheels is your premier choice for 12-inch Honda Grom, Honda Monkey, and Kawasaki z125 wheels with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing some of the most elite motorcycle wheels in the industry. With our recent venture into small bore mini moto wheels, you can now expect the same top-notch, American-manufactured wheel quality that SMT is well known for on your Honda Grom & Monkey, and Kawasaki z125 mini moto’s.


Here at SMT, we understand the importance of customizing your Honda Grom and mini motorcycles exactly the way you envisioned them. Custom-made to order means just that. We build your 125cc motorcycle wheels to fit your specific model precisely. When it comes to style, whether it’s a raw machined finish, mirror chrome, custom painted from a choice of 6500+ colors, or double contrasting cut for that extra touch; we can ensure you will be riding in style!


If the purpose of your Honda Grom, Honda Monkey, or Kawasaki Z125 is racing, stunt, or simply cruising around, we’ve got you covered. Our wheels are not only stylish but are also built for top performance and durability. Our mini moto wheel line-up consists of our Racelite Performance Series designs. Our Racelite mini moto wheel is a 12-inch version of our V-Twin Road Racing wheel. The full-size 17” wheels can be seen on the track during the Bagger Racing League and King of The Bagger races.


Our Performance Series mini moto / Grom wheels are the beloved PS2 and PS8 wheel designs. These are two of our most popular performance wheel designs we have, crafted for strength and speed while perfectly fitting your Honda Grom, Monkey, or Kawasaki z125 mini moto’s. Be sure to follow SMT Wheels for all our new releases and remember…When You Ride With SMT, You Ride With The Best!


12-Inch Mini Motorcycle Wheels

Our mini moto wheels are available in a 12×2.75 inch front wheel and a 12×3.5 inch rear wheel, machine forged from aircraft-grade billet aluminum. These mini motorcycle wheels are designed for the Kawasaki Z125 2018 and up, Honda Monkey 125, and Honda Grom 2014 and up factory OEM specs.


Meaning your factory rotors and factory cush drive hub will be a direct fit, making this a super quick and painless install. These mini moto wheels are under 7.5 pounds and come fully equipped with top-of-the-line bearings, along with dust shields.



Front wheel: 12″ x 2.75″, 6.7 lbs.

Rear wheel: 12″ x 3.5″, 7.3 lbs.



Honda Grom 125, 2014 – Present, ABS / Non ABS

Honda Monkey 125

Kawasaki z125, 2018 – Present