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20 Inch Harley Trike Wheels


20” x 7” Harley Trike Rear Wheels - Set of 2 Rims


SMT’s 20-inch Harley Trike rear wheels are available in all 100+ of our sickest designs and sold online in a full matching set of three with one front wheel and two rear wheels. Fitment for the Harley-Davidson Trike Freewheeler, as well as, custom trike conversion kits including Lehman Trikes and Frankenstein Trikes.

American-manufactured in Glendale AZ with careful attention to detail and backed by a lifetime warranty, our 20” rear trike wheels are made from high-quality aircraft-grade billet aluminum alloy.

Consult the SMT Harley wheel fitment chart to see which models, trim levels, and years can fit the 20-inch wheels and if modifications are required.

Sold in matching pairs, 20 x 7 inch Harley Trike rear wheels are available in chrome, black, contrast double-cut, and 6,500+ powder coat colors. Find the style that matches or complements your Harley front wheels to customize your motorcycle and get a great look. Financing Available.

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5 Reasons Why You Want 20-inch Trike Wheels

Having 20-inch rear wheels on your Harley Trike provides a unique eye-catching look combined with high performance so you always ride with the best.


Custom Look

A distinctive appearance that personalizes your ride. Why settle for stock when you can get a look guaranteed to turn heads and provide a stable comfortable ride?


Controlled Ride

SMT Wheels offer increased stability and balance, which means you get a smoother, more controlled riding experience. With a lower center of gravity, you more easily maneuver bends and curves, no matter how uneven the terrain.


Reduced Chance of Accident

The increased stability of 20-inch rear wheels enhances safety. Rear wheels spread the weight of your trike more evenly, making it less likely to tip over. Increased stability also minimizes the risk of losing control or skidding. You maintain a more constant speed with a safer, more enjoyable ride.



SMT American-manufactured 20-inch rear trike wheels set the industry standard for performance and appearance. Unlike cheap cast alloy wheels, SMT 20” trike wheels are manufactured from military aircraft-grade billet aluminum alloy to perfectly match the quality of your Harley.


Lifetime Guarantee

Thanks to SMT high standards in materials, testing, and construction techniques, you get an industry-leading lifetime structural warranty on our 20” wheels.

How to Choose SMT’s 20-inch Harley Trike Rear Wheels & Tires Package

  • checkmarkFINISH: Select chrome, black, contrast double-cut, or 6,500+ custom powder coat colors
  • checkmarkTIRE: 20x7" rims can fit a 225/35-20 or 245/35-20 tire; all tires come mounted & balanced when purchased with an SMT wheel
  • checkmarkROTOR: You can keep your existing rotor or choose a matching rotor
  • checkmarkBEARINGS: Choose from standard or ABS bearings

20-Inch Harley Trike Wheels FAQs


Are there any special considerations for riding a trike motorcycle with two rear wheels?

Yes, riding a trike motorcycle with two rear wheels requires adjusting your riding technique, especially during cornering. Practice slow-speed maneuvers and be mindful of the wider rear end when navigating tight spaces or parking.


How do I maintain trike motorcycle tires?

As with any tire, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and safety. Keep the wheels clean, check tire pressure regularly, inspect for signs of wear, and replace worn-out tires promptly. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance intervals and procedures.


Can I use regular motorcycle wheels on a trike motorcycle?

It's not recommended. Trike motorcycle wheels are specifically designed to handle the unique weight distribution and handling characteristics of a trike. Using regular motorcycle wheels may compromise stability and safety.