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32 Inch Harley Wheels

32 Inch Harley Motorcycle Wheels

32" x 4" Front Harley Wheels


Harley builders know that If you’re looking for 32 inch motorcycle wheels for your next project, go to SMT! We craft custom oversized wheels from only the highest quality aircraft-grade billet aluminum alloy in Glendale, AZ, USA, ensuring a product that performs as well as it looks.

Shop 100+ 32 x 4 inch motorcycle wheel designs in front, rear, 2D, 3D, chrome, black, contrast double-cut, and 6,500 powder coat colors. You’ll always find a wheel that looks and fits your Harley-Davidson perfectly! Financing available.

We single handedly took oversized motorcycle wheels to a whole new level, quickly establishing ourselves as experts in the industry that set the bar. If you’re serious about upgrading your motorcycle to a 32 inch wheel, SMT has weld-in and bolt-on rake kits available for all Harley models.

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5 Reasons to Buy 32 Inch Motorcycle Wheel from SMT

Your motorcycle will turn heads when it’s decked out with an SMT 32" wheel up front! However, it’s important to remember that a certified mechanic needs to install them – so don’t take chances by just doing it yourself!


Smooth Ride

When you pair high-quality American Suspension components with top-of-the-line SMT 32-inch wheels, you’ll notice your motorcycle’s performance will be even better than before.


Rides Like A Cadillac

Let’s talk about angular momentum. Having such a large-diameter wheel keeps your motorcycle more stable at higher speeds. Also, its massive weight helps keep your Harley planted on the road. You’ll be able to stay straight as an arrow!



The ultimate show-stopper for any motorcycle build. You’ll command respect on the road and at shows. A 32-inch front wheel makes any bike stand out from the crowd.



The devil is in the details. We strive for excellence and put our hearts into every wheel package we build. When you ride with with us, you ride with the best.


Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

We proudly offer customers a lifetime limited structural warranty on all 32" motorcycle wheels. We stand behind our product because we only use the highest quality materials and the industry’s best manufacturing process.

How to Choose a 32-Inch Wheel & Tire Package

  • checkmarkSIZE: Choose 32″ x 4″
  • checkmarkFINISH: Comes in gloss black, contrast double-cut, chrome, or 6,500+ powder coat colors
  • checkmarkTIRE: 32″ tires are available in Vee Rubber and comes mounted & balanced
  • checkmarkRAKE KIT: All Harleys will require a rake at this diameter, which should be done by a professional
  • checkmarkHUB: Choose from standard or RaceLox lightweight racing hub
  • checkmarkBEARINGS: Choose from standard or ABS bearings
  • checkmarkROTOR: Go with a matching rotor, performance floating rotor, or rapid cooling vented rotor; the rotor size should be a large 18 inch (requires caliper kit)

32 Inch Wheels FAQs


Do I need to rake a 32 inch motorcycle wheel?

All motorcycles with a 32-inch wheel need to change the rake. Call us to consult if you have questions about your Harley-Davidson build requirements.


Do I need a new front fender for my 32 inch motorcycle wheel?

Yes. For 32 inch wheel upgrades, you will need a new fender for the much larger diameter. A fender spacer won’t do it. You most likely will need a new cowl as well. Our 32-inch Fat Katz fenders come in classic and wrap-around styles. They are made of steel and come unpainted.


Do I need a caliper kit for 18 inch rotors?

When upgrading to oversized 18 inch rotors, an American Suspension caliper kit is an essential piece of equipment. These caliper kits have everything you need to install 18 inch rotors on your motorcycle. The kit comes with a completely new caliper and mounting hardware for the installation.

Parts List for a 32" Harley Wheel Conversion